3 Reasons To Think About: What About a Children’s Sleepover Party

As children looking to what they like in their life, a sleepover party is a part of it. My oldest got two of those sleepover parties, my middle daughter want one too.

A few days ago my middle daughter got a playdate with her friend. We had a little conversation about whether you’re supposed to have a children’s sleepover party or not. She came up with the number of children you should invite and why ten or above isn’t working. She made a good point about that when you have this number of children the environment won’t be nice and that you can’t pay any attention to all of the children who attend this party. When her sister got one of those parties, a few children went home because they didn’t like to stay with this number of children. And the sphere was so much better when these people turned home, she said.

As said, my oldest daughter got two of those parties. She invited ten children, both times. Both times were not really great parties indeed. There were a few friends not listening at all to what we were saying as adults. Like talking when they should sleep.

Yes, that is a part of it, but when they are ruining it for other children, then they get consequences.

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Agnes Laurens is a writer. She writes for the local newspaper, Medium.com. Agnes lives in Bunnik, The Netherlands, with her husband and three daughters. Writing is - aside from playing the violin - one of her passions since childhood. She is on Twitter and Instagram.

Writing is her passion since childhood. Never had she ever done anything with it until a few months back.

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