5 Benefits: What Your Attitude Does When You Arise At 6 AM

It’s 6 am when I start writing. Twenty minutes before, my alarm went off.

My normal wake up time is 6 am. It is the best time to wake up. Your body gets awake slowly and there is nobody awake yet to get started writing the best stories. Besides that, I love it also got some benefits for me.

Today my children woke up at 6 am. They were really early that I couldn’t do anything yet.

It’s such fun to write in the early morning. It’s quiet when there is nobody around me. I can fully concentrate on me. Hearing people awakening. Trucks getting into the village to deliver the food for the grocery in my village. Seeing other people’s light on slowly, one by one in the morning when it’s still dark. That’s beautiful entertainment in the morning. Hearing the rain coming from above.

Your mood when you wake up

When you wake up, you feel exactly how your day will be.

How you feel and how productive you will be that day. You also feel how your night was. When you wake up early, you feel your spirit for that day. Tired, happy, productive, sad, negative, positive. Everything that makes what day it will be for you. How your mood is for the day. How you even will think about everything.