Are you a liar when you make a mistake by accident?

I was a little bit embarrassed because it says something I didn’t want to say: a mistake about a fact. I didn’t do this on purpose, it was a mistake by accident. That embarrassed me a lot. It embarrassed me because of a fact we both knew it was wrong while I should know I had to write it correctly. I don’t have that much contact with her, but the fact that I had to reread my messages for the correct fact is bothering me too much.

It’s bothering me for not being correct. Now it seems I lied about facts, while I'm not a liar. Now I am asking myself if I am a liar — which I am not, but doubting myself about that fact too — that’s what I tell myself all the time now. I'm thinking about it a lot. Others could see it that way, at least I think, I tell myself all the time. I deeply know it isn't true after all, because people make mistake all the time. But in this society, the media and people around us makes us believe that making mistakes isn’t appropriate. Because when you make mistakes, you're not perfect at all and when you're not perfect, then you're a failure in everything. That is what will be seen and that is what all those social media — and not only social media, also newspapers and magazines will do believe us we are not perfect.