Creativity shows up first in my mind

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

It’s not that I have a notebook only for Medium, but also for trying to write poems, answer questions and writing blog posts on Quora etc… I also started painting last summer. So, creativity is all in my mind. Like now writing about creativity. I also play the violin, then you have to be creative all the time; how you want to play the music and solve the technical problem you face during playing the violin.

But how do I get all those ideas?

Actually, and to be honest, I don’t know sometimes. I see things happening in the world, I see what my children are doing, I see things around me, in the garden, in my village and all those things inspire me to write about it. And I love it. But not only the world and what happens around me but also other articles on Medium, answers on Quora, magazines, newspapers, online website and so on. Conversations with family members, when doing my voluntary work, walking, cycling. And so on.

Chaotic while writing

But to be honest — I have too much on my mind lately which is difficult to sit behind my laptop to write those articles for you. I have to tell myself to sit behind the laptop and write. No distractions. Very difficult for me not to distract myself, haha. I managed it today. The children are playing in Monkey Town, an indoor playground and I can sit, write and sip my coffee with no distractions although there are lots of children playing, that is one big sound (sounds like one sound, makes sense right?). And not so typing fast. Oops…

But creativity is all in my head winch I want to write all about. I have to be creative — at least that’s what my mind tells me to do…