Fantasy in your life

We all shall live our fantasy life. Whatever it might be for you.

As a kid, you have visions about whatever you like to fantasize about. Perhaps you want to be an astronaut or you aspire to be a nurse. It could be that you have a fantasy about the dress you'll wear to the ball when you're in the last year of the academy. Different goal or fantasy you could have is the kind of house you want to live in when you're a grown-up.

When you grow up you don’t have some fantasies. You put these in the back of your brain, or you let go of your dreams you had as a child. You had a vision of how your life should look like as an adult, but when certain moments happen in your life, (or your life takes another direction then you wanted and you did not influence it), it's difficult to keep track of your life! Even the intentions you had in mind to grow yourself through your life. Be the person you wanted to become in life.

These are the goals or the dreams you have. A vision for your life. But at the same time, it's a fantasy about life.

What is fantasy?

Fantasy is what you presume when you’re a kid about a special thing (or when you’re a grown-up), how your life should look like or what kind of dream job you wanted to get as a grown-up? Or is it more spiritual?

I think fantasy is something more you feel inside you should do as a grown-up. Also, fantasy is - I think - something you feel the urge to imagine something that doesn't exist, but it does in your mind. That could be your dream job that is way far possible for you to achieve.

Why a fantasy?

Probably you think it doesn’t value to have a fantasy in your world because your life took another path when you met some people, or maybe a spouse. They have their plans for you on how to live your life.

You are willing to satisfy the ideas they had for you because you think they know what's most suitable for you. But what occurs if you let rule other people your life? I have done there. I believed I wasn't deserving of living my dream life. So, I did what others directed me to do. I didn't think anymore and asked everyone else about their view on things and did what they've suggested. Now I realise that I live my own life. Nobody else! So, I’m the one who is directing my own life.

What is your biggest fantasy you ever had? To be honest, I don’t know. I don’t remember if I had a big fantasy.

Well, I had one big dream. I think it’s a dream and a fantasy at the same time. I wanted to become one of the most famous and incredible violinists in the world. OK, one big dream. Is that the same as a fantasy?

What do we understand about fantasy? What do you think fantasy looks like?