Imperfect is the new perfect

Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

Well, this is a tough topic. Everyone has their own definition of being perfect. You can live up to that as much as you can.

You have ideas in your mind about being perfect or living your perfect life since your childhood, but it could change during your life as there happen things in your life that could change your perspective of what’s being perfect.

And what is that for me?

Well, like life, things and perspective changed during my life, I have no idea anymore what is being perfect. All things that happened in my life, negatively, change my perspective on what is being perfect, how I want to live my life, what is important to me and all things I want to do in my life and with whom.

I let go of my dream to become a professional violinist. Things happened in my life I prefer it didn’t happen. But it shapes me the person I am today. I know it’s a cliché, but it is a true cliché.

Do I love the person I am today?


That is something as being imperfect. Because you have to find life every day. In that life, you’ll see things that happen you don’t agree with. It could not fit in your life(style). And yet, you have to get along with it and find ways you like to cope with it.

What is perfect anyway?

That is different for everyone as I said. Each of us has different needs, interest, and lifestyle.

Within all those aspects in our lives, we try to create things we love, we do things we love to do, we’re going on dates with partners, friends and colleagues who we admire and want in our lives, going to parties, meet new people, going to work, walk on the beach or in the woods, etc…

They all have other perspectives on a perfect life. That is fine. You can learn from each other, to be a better person yourself.

Perfect therefore doesn’t exist. Everyone has their flaws, that’s fine. That makes us imperfect and to me: that makes us perfect. Thus I say: imperfect is the new perfect. Show others that you may be imperfect, your flaws because perfect doesn’t exist.

Those flaws make us who we really are. It is in our minds that we have to live up to other peoples standards than our own. That is a shame. Most of it is because we have the wrong people around us and the internet where we can say whatever we want to say. But here we can hurt people a lot without even knowing or realizing it.

Then you get the imperfectness. People are imperfect, situations are imperfect. It is the moment how we see situations and things through our eyes and if we’re open-minded to see the things in our lives, you’ll be amazed. We all have to see things positively. Try to get that from the negative around you.

Lately, I am thinking about what perfect means to me and how I want to fill my life with all my interest.