Is this time really better than thirty years ago?

Is life and time we're living in better these days then thirthy years ago?

In the last few weeks, I’m asking myself what my purpose is on earth. What Am I doing here? Why do I exist on earth? Does something, somebody or anything from above send me a message to live here on earth or what is it? I am not sure. There are times, I am questioning myself if times - before I was born - was even much better than we’re living in right now? If yes, what is it?

I think I won’t get answers to these questions. I know I can live the best I can, with whom I love, with what I like to do in life. I know I might think to get a life vision, goals to achieve in my life. I never had that, because I thought I didn’t need to get one. I think I have to reconsider those thoughts, haha.

Photo by Matthew T Rader on Unsplash

But what if I have a vision or goals? What if I am disappointed in life and what if I don't achieve those goals? Is it better not to have any goals in life to not be disappointed? Because when you have goals in life, you know where you work for, but when you have these goals and these goals can’t be achieved? What are you going to do? Yes, you can reshape your goals. Makes these goals you reshaped, that we think the time about thirty years ago - or longer - is better than the time we live in right now. Or are the years better before we were even born?

All these what if’s will be spinning my brains sometimes. It gets me crazy somehow, but these questions will lead to my thoughts if 2019 is a better time to live in with all these technologies, or is 1980 - the year I wasn’t born yet - better to live in, where life was much slower?

I think my parents can ask themselves the same questions as I do now. Will we ever answer this question? Who knows…

If I look at the televisions of my childhood; I like them now. It was a small black one, later a red one and somewhat later another one, a bigger screen and colored. I could only see the black and white on the screen. When there was no signal, there were lots of flippering dots or stripes on the screen.

One time the colored TV needed to be repaired. As a football/soccer match was going on, we decided to watch this game in the black and white screen again. It was a very small one and all my sisters and I wanted to see the match, fighting for a place in front of the TV in a small corner. The weather outside was beautiful, as I had to play outside instead of sitting in front of the TV!

I remember cycling to school. I played a CD with music on and when I was too late to go to school I cycled on the rhythm of the music. And surprisingly I was on time. I chose music that was the time still I had to go to school, on purpose (so I will be on time). Or the time sitting on my bed listening to music on cassettes. These tapes were from radio broadcasts. Maybe I broadcasted myself on these tapes too. I don’t remember.

For me, this time was magic.