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Thanks for stopping by and take a few minutes to read my newsletter, because I have a lot to say! This is the first newsletter I make to promote my own work. It'll be a lot in this first newsletter. Sorry about that.

First of all, I want you to know where you can read all my articles, stories and how to's. I'm honest with you. I'll charge some money because I have to live too as well as I have to feed my children. But don't hesitate to read articles if can and support my work.

I love to write and Medium is one of the platforms I use to write how-to articles, but I also write some feelings here. Latest is about sunny weather. And I also wrote about politics too.

Sometimes I also want to answer questions from other people with all my life experience. I can do it on Quora. I also can write a blog post about any kind of subject I know about.

I love to write and read essays about anything related to my interests. Or I will write some inspiration through quotes I love and find related to my life. Through Substack I will find this way to communicate about essays and quotes. I haven't found some essays issues or ideas, but I know for sure I will.

I love writing poetry too. I found this passion a few months ago. I still have to learn a lot about writing poetry, but sharing and getting feedback is always a good thing, right?!! Poetizer is one of the two poetry platforms I use for poetry.

Hello Poetry
The other poetry site I'm writing my poetry on is Hello Poetry. My first poem is the same as I wrote on Poetizer.

Do you really like all this? Well, I am not done yet! When writing, I also love to write stories made up by myself. I write those stories on Patreon. And if you love all my work, maybe you could be my patron?

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