Promoting my articles

My articles should be read, so, I promote them here too! It's ok, I'm getting used to it a little bit.

Yes, I hate doing this, but it is part of the job. When I write articles they have to be read. At least, that’s what every writer wanted. Why writing if nobody reads your stuff?!! So, I decided to go ahead with it! Started with sharing on social media. Now time to do it here too!

But I hate doing this because the most part I love is writing instead of promoting my articles. I know, sounds silly. Anyways, let’s give it a try.

I wrote some articles for my Medium publications:

For those who don’t have a medium account, I share the Friendly Link, so everyone can read my articles. Don’t worry… You can read them.

The life essence:

Newsletter #1 - The Life Essence

Newsletter #2 - The Life Essence

Writing allows me to express my feelings

The birth stories of my children

What is life?

Why self-care is important

What is life?

Why being open-minded is good for you

Healing when you're in nature

Music that matters to us:

What I learnt being an orchestra parent

One weekend full of music

Violin music wishlist grows

Letter #1 - Music that matters to us

Letter #2 — Music that matter to us

The Earth Guide:

Influence of nature

Walking - what is does with your body

Walking and influence

Parenting issues:

Why I love being a parent

Relationship Stories:

Respect each other

Thanks for your patience! I know this is a very long list, but worth trying it. I’ll promise, the next time will be much shorter.

This is my Substack archive:

My substack archive


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