Storm Ciara hit The Netherlands and The United Kingdom

The storm Ciara went over the UK and The Netherlands. Sweden, Belgium, Germany, Ireland and Frnace were hit too.

Last Sunday, there was a storm in The Netherlands, at least, that was told by the weather forecast. I haven’t seen much of it. I thought to go Tweet about it, but there wasn’t much seeing from it, other than some heaving wind going around. In my area, where I live, there was not much heavy storm.

Through The United Kingdom, the storm was heavier than in The Netherlands. I have seen photo’s on Twitter that the rivers were high, stuff going around the neighboorhood. And many more. Even there was a lot of water on the roads.

In the northern of The Netherlands, there was much more storm. More rain as well. A little bit more damage than where I live, like a roof from a small house.

Let’s see what I have found on Twitter from this storm through the UK.

It seems like this truck - or kinda thing - is driving on the river. Luckily there is no one in there, I suspect. This woman has a farm and 9 children and sheep. She also has a great spot to stay if you want to.


Also, respect goes to everyone risking their lives for other people in these times.

Not only on the sea and rivers but also fireman and firewoman to let us feel safe on land. They are just doing it.

Yeah, you also can wait for the bus to arrive, but I doubt the bus will come… At least, the sun was shining, haha.

When events just went on, why not beat the storm by playing football games? These woman has done it!

The storm was in the news too. Of course, it will be, but for my part

Not only in The Netherlands and the UK was this storm, but also in Sweden, France, Belgium, Ireland, Germany. I haven’t done research in looking for information about the other countries, but on Twitter and other news sites, I have only seen information about the UK and The Netherlands.

And this is my adventure during the storm. No, I just took a walk in the morning when it wasn’t raining. The wind was getting heavier, but not that spectacular as in The UK. When I have seen the videa’s and pictures online, where I live we hadn’t any damage.

I feel very sorry for everyone who got a lot of damage. I truly hope they get it well together as soon as possible.

Now the storm hits Norway. It is also above the North Sea.

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