“The Art of Happiness is To Serve All”

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Who knows best what happiness is? Does happiness even exist? What if happiness exists? Is there art in happiness? Is happiness even art? If happiness is art, how do we serve that happiness?

“The Art of Happiness is To Serve All” — Tea Quote


Sometimes I am asking myself, does happiness really exist? Or do we make that up to look more on our best? To show other people we are always laughing, or do we always need to get the best out of ourselves, even we don’t have a good day? Do we always be happy?

Happiness means — according to the Cambridge English Dictionary: “the feeling of being happy”.

What does ‘happy’ really mean? The Cambridge English Dictionary says: “feeling, showing, or causing pleasure or satisfaction.”

So, when I am playing the violin, it makes me happy, thus this is my happiness.

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