We Live In A Complex World

And yet, we make something of our life.

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As we all live in this world with a lot of complexity, we have to make something of this world. We are in this world. And it is not only a virus that hit the community, it is how someone treats you, bad or good.

At the same time, you feel you are not taken seriously because of your belief, your colour, or just because you have that weird habit you love to do. For me, that is eating a spoon full of chocolate spread from the bottle.

There is more. This world needs simplicity, as people say, but sometimes the world is too complex. We have to make difficult decisions when we do (corporate) business.

When I read leadership articles, I believe that a leader should manage the team with good quality information to make projects work, lead his or her team positively, and do the job properly.

A president who is not there for his citizens when Black People desperately need him is not a good leader. Leaders who don’t lead their country is not a good president, I believe. I mean, who lies about the stats of the coronavirus cases?!

I think Trump is not such a good leader - and that is putting it very mildly - is not a good leader. Trump had to be in the crowd walking along with the protesters and do something about this use problem. I wrote an open letter to Trump because - even I know he doesn’t read my work.

For a few weeks, I am an editor for ILLUMINATION. This is a publication on Medium.

Music in my veins

In this world, we also need to learn to relax a little bit more. As I am a classical music lover, I provide you with a list of music I listened to the previous week.

Here are the lists that I already wrote:

There are so many benefits of classical music and learning to play an instrument. I like to write about classical music (it is my passion). These are things you should definitely know about classical music, a beautiful music genre to listen to. Have you ever played in the world’s greatest concert halls? I have played in several worlds the greatest concert halls, and I can tell you, that it is an amazing experience.

Oh, and here is just a nice poem about the violin, my instrument. When I practise the violin, these six things help me to stay or to get motivated to practise.


While we - The Netherlands - is partially in lockdown again, I also still read social media posts that the Coronavirus don’t exist. I believe - and see all the science paper full of these articles - it is not a hoax. It is a deadly virus, and people could be killed by this virus.

When you have thoughts, you will have to park these somehow. Especially when you have been through a lot, thoughts are coming and going. This might help to get through it.

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