What is life?

We have our own life. But what is life?

What is life? Most of us think we are living our life by being awake and sleeping. Theoretically yes. Practically? I’m not so sure about that. I mean, are we living or are we dreaming?

Isn’t our life just a dream? Maybe we wake up tomorrow and it was just a dream and we are something different? Who knows! At least I don’t know. Or maybe we will be on another planet ten million years later when we wake up. What will we be then? Maybe we are all elephants, or we are different kinds of animals. Maybe we are all one kind of gender, plants, you name it.

Or maybe we are going back to a previous life. I have no idea. But who knows? Nobody will know I think. Do we have to define what life is? Will we ever know?

Maybe we will go back in time when we 'wake up'. Are we some kind of dinosaur, an animal, a rock, a plant, or something that we will not know what it is.

Or we are going back in time and we relive our life from ten years ago. Going back with a time machine.

Yes, I have seen too many movies like this. But will we ever know?

Another perspective on life is how we live our life today.

In the present, is one of the options, I think. Or tomorrow. Knowing what you are conscious of doing. Using your brain by realising what you’re doing. Printing memories in your brain. Like, what did you eat for dinner yesterday, why do we feel the way we feel and what do we feel and how do we feel in certain moments, walking through the nature and see what we see and remember that maybe touch it and feel it with your hand, through your veins, but feel deep in your body and with your whole body. All things are related to life. Why do you feel that particular tree the way you feel, how does that feel to you? These questions are in my head a lot. I thought what if I couldn't feel it that way or just pass the tree by without thinking about it? I look at the tree the way I can see and remember it in my memory years later. I know I have a good memory.

These things are part of life if they exist. And I am not sure about it. Maybe I'm scared that when I'm getting awake the next morning, I'll be something else. That I didn't live my life the fullest. Is that life? Is it we are scared of life, take everything inside the body. Inhale the air. Remember you did that at that particular moment when you passed by that tree I talked about?

Can we define life the way everyone could agree on? Do we live life? I am not so sure (yet). Sometimes, I ask myself if life does exist and what that exactly means. I don't know.

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When I will define life for me, it’s a combination of the spiritual soul and the conscious mind. Thus I know conscious that I dreamt last night, but my spirit was in that dream. Sometimes that dream come true as an event or moment happening in real life, the moment I know consciousness what I'm doing. I know it by feeling with my hands/arm/body or so. Life is also touching things with your skin, like the tree I talked about, feeling the shoes on your feet, the warmth of your clothes.

What if I'm getting awake tomorrow, open my eyes and see that I'm in a new universe? What shall I do, but remember the things I did on earth yesterday? What would you do if that happens?

Life is for me being spiritually active while thinking with your brains, feeling with your body - and maybe your soul too - what you do, think, and knowing you're doing what you're doing.

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These are just thoughts about what life is. I have written my thoughts just randomly.