What You Feel When You’re In Peace

Ha, you thought I am in peace now? Not at all! But I have felt in peace once in a while.

Two weeks ago for the last time. But I want to feel it again before I write about it. Not happened yet. So I’ll write about it anyways. Have you ever felt in peace with yourself as a whole? I never have. Two weeks ago I have and it was a shock I felt that way because I always fought for what I was worth it. All the shit that happened to me.


It was a shock that I felt it because it was sudden that it hit me that morning. Really everything was right: what I wrote, what I did and that I finished everything in the morning what I wanted to do. Also in the afternoon and in the evening. I never had felt this before. I want to feel it again. It was like a blanket. It was quite an experience for me after all the(inner) fights I had. So, I can feel it, I can experience it. That is not a problem.

You have to let it feel inner to experience it. Instead of waving that feeling into the bin because you haven’t felt it (yet). You can! I know it, but let it happen and enjoy instead of waving it away because you never feel it. But this is such a great experience, especially when you never have been through such a great experience. Then you realize that it can exist. Once you will experience it again. But you never know when and it doesn't matter at all.

You can create it too

That magical in peace experience. You can create it by doing exactly what you want, not planning that much on the day, creating habits that work only for you and what helps too is getting small lights that make the magical moments. You need to sit down, plan everything ahead.