Why Children Need Playdates and How to Stimulate Them

When you have children, they play around a lot. Outside with other children. Or inside with their friends.

Sometimes they don’t choose to play alone and sometimes they don’t choose to play with that particular child. For some reason.

One thing I know is that children need to have playdates once in a while. They love to play with other children. They come up with lots of fantasies together. When they play, they play a different kind of situations. Situations they have been through, situations they have seen and situations they come up with — in their fantasy.


They need to learn to do things as a team or being in situations to solve. Together with their friends and alone. It’s good for their well-being. They get good self-boost. They get confidence when they have played with other children. They know they liked by others. That's good for them.