Why I love being a parent and how to enjoy it

Every parent has their style to raise children. Every parent handles things differently in the same situation.

Photo by Charlein Gracia on Unsplash

We all have a different perspective on how we should handle during certain situations. Also when we are parenting.

I have three amazing daughters. Others could have sons, daughter and a son, or another amount of children. You name it whatever combinations are possible.

Children playing music together

Well, you see your children are developing during life, starting small. Developing skills for life. It all starts with drinking from my breast, looking around and reacting on voices or other sounds. Most of all, sleeping.

Birth stories of my children

Babies are lying on the ground or their back and looking around. Or they are looking to their belly and hands, putting their fingers in their mouth. I love to see that. Touching everything and trying to have whatever they could find around them.

At a sudden time, they are crawling onto the ground.

Children are very smart and active in learning new information. Before I even knew it, they were standing, crawling or drawing the most creative trees (or anything else). The youngest likes drawing hearts a lot. She makes the most creative and colourful hearts.

There was a moment I remember very well: my middle daughter was trying to walk after one year. In the first place, she had some difficult moments when trying to walk. But I didn’t worry about it. She was always slower than her oldest sister. Suddenly, it works out for her. When we were on holidays, to be specific. She walked around the table when we were there. A few hours later she walked from one point of the room to the other side. This was a precious moment for me! I was crying then.

The moment the oldest said ‘mother’ to me. It was adorable. She sat next to me at the dinner table (we were eating carrots with potatoes) and she said ‘mom’. I cried a bit. It was a beautiful moment. You’re waiting for these moments, but when that moment exactly is, you’ll never know. It’s a surprise.

The moment my oldest two daughters were sitting on the couch with the youngest on their legs. They helped me to feed the youngest by giving her the bottle. It was lovely to see. Me holding the baby too. They were too careful of their youngest. When the baby finished the bottle, the oldest two helped me changing the diapers and clothes.

There are times it’s difficult to handle situations, but in the end, it will be fine. Always. During parenthood, you learn how to cope with these situations. I like to see where my abilities are.

Now, my oldest is going to secondary school. She learns for exams. She is precisely about getting good marks. The amount of homework she gets is a lot, but I also have got that much while I was at secondary school. She learns new skills. She was tired in the first few weeks. I think she got her new rhythm now. The youngest is in group three and the middle one is in group 6, both at primary school.

Why you should enjoy parenthood!

Well, sometimes, parenthood is challenging. You’ll see some things you rather not see. Children fighting with each other or hurting each other. As a parent, you should enjoy these precious moments. In the end, they’ll love each other very much. They’re finding their own identity as a child. They need to! They need to see what they can do. Their abilities.

Yes, talking to your children about their misbehaviours and ask them why they did it. Asking them what they’ve could differently in the situation. Talking on their level.

Learn them and teach them. And yes, you don’t know everything too. Your children may know that. You can ask your child to look it up for you.

I enjoy parenting - even when it’s hard. Because when you achieve what you wanted to for your kids, then the joy is there. I see them smiling too!

Also, enjoy the funny sentences they say. It’s from their hearts and they mean it. You can - and you should - correct them when needed. Even my oldest say things I laugh about. They have their way to think. The oldest is getter older and wiser. She is into Halloween school party.

See them growing every day makes me a very proud mother.

Being patient with your children