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In this newsletter, I write about which articles I wrote in the last few weeks. Where can you find me?

When was the first time you got the age to vote? I was 18 as that's the age we legally may vote in The Netherlands. But politicians are sometimes nice and you have mean ones.

Being nice or mean
Have thought about being nice or mean? This is a big issue these days.

About my photography skills. I love photography. I have a phone with a good camera right now. I am so happy with this phone.

Orchestra parent
I have been an orchestra parent of my daughter's orchestra for years! Here is what I have learned.

Keeping up with all the school information
As a parent, I also have to keep up with all the school information. We have an app on our phone, but how do you keep up? And next year my oldest (of three daughters) is going to the Secondary School. So, another app is coming my way and thus more information.

How do all those ideas come into my mind? That's a question I got from one of my children. Here is what I wrote about it. How come to your ideas in your mind and what are you doing with your ideas?

Here you get some quote inspiration I like. It helps me understand the world and the thoughts of others. Also, you can give your thoughts and discuss along. I write on so many platforms, here the list you need where online to find me.

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